Leading businesses to thrive!

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Thriving businesses are always managed correct and competent.

  • This kind of management establishes trust naturally.
  • Trust keeps up performance and keeps administrative overhead low.
  • Trust therefore is an important economical factor that is reflected by the figures.

Together we cultivate business management by the principles:

attractivity – beneficiality – powerfulness.

“Nothing excels a business more than trust.”


Correct and competent management cultivates trust in business naturally.

  • This organic management normalises people.
  • Then it is so natural for them to be in flow – especially at work.
  • And then the distrust issues are resolved too.

Trust is the thriving factor in economics and thus in business.

“Organic management easily and naturally reduces the complexity of our contemporary management.”

Leveraged to Thrive

Our History

Management and leadership have always fascinated me.

For many years I have consulted businesses as project manager and have witnessed that especially trust eased so much and reduced the complexity.

Correct and competent management ensured that everybody could focus on his work, being productive in his zone. Though threats were encountered the endeavour succeeded.

With others I realized that behind all these successes is the same strategy – and together we have started to study, understand and apply this strategy.

Our Services

  • Cultivation zone: learn how to get into the zone/flow naturally every day increasing productivity and reducing overhead.
  • Trust consulting: build up trust naturally when doing business with your network by partnering in high-performance teams.
  • Strategy consulting: develop a proper strategy naturally cultivating correct and competent management and so letting your business to thrive.

Our Commitment

We at BusinessCultivation are deeply committed to foster organic management.

Businesses are leveraged to thrive by strategy; – to be:

healthy, sustainable and easy.

Take the trust test today to see, how trust is cultivated in your business.